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Colin Parker in August

Besides a wide range of collectable artworks, such as Greg Baker, Pro Hart, David Boyd, Brett Whiteley and others, the main artist in August is Colin Parker. Colin is a New South Wales listed artist who is best known for his figurative depiction of outback Australia in oils. Colin recently spent a month as “Artist-in-Residence” at Ayers Rock Resort in the Central Desert, and has been “Artist-in-Residence” at Kakadu on many occasions. As well as his love of painting outback Australia, Colin has painted in Paris, Southern France, Rome and the North of Italy, his most successful series being Paris in the Snow – a world away from the heat, the remoteness and vast aerial distance of the Australian inland. Colin is a respected Art Judge, and recently completed four years as President of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales. He has had three portraits hung in the Archibald Prize, at the Art Gallery of N.S.W., a landscape in the Wynne Prize, and has won Frist Prize in Sydney’s prestigious Royal Easter Show Art competition three times. His works are included in many corporate collections both in Australia and overseas, in State Government Collections, and in Commonwealth Government Collections.

Robert Hagan in September

Born in 1947 and raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner. Widely travelled with studios in Suffolk, England., San Diego, USA., Southport, Australia and Pattaya, Thailand. He explains, “When you look at things you tend to concentrate on one element, a boy or girl at the waters edge, for example. It’s hard to bring into meaniful vision the entire scene at the one occasion. It’s all there, but its not defined and it’s that which is peripheral to the starting point”.The key to impressionism is keying in the peripherel to the starting point”. Although Hagan paints varied subjects, landscapes, seascapes, western, portraits and figurative he insists that his paintings here and there go beyond obvious recognizable subject. This is especially the case now in 2002. He says “make a painting like the recognizable subject rather than executing a literal representation. It’s better to paint the effect of what is there…what is left in the back of the head! That’s impressionism, and that I hope is where I am” Robert is famous for his depiction of Australian Rural Landscape and its People.


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